OFEK MACHINERY LTD was established in 2012. It started as a private enterprise at the north of Israel and at 2015 offered its services all over Israel and became a private company.
The company supplies its customers with CHMER EDM machines (die sinker, wire cut, drilling), EDM wires, EDM filters and accessories to EDM machines of (almost) all types.
Ofek supplies machines’ guiding and maintenance services (mechanics, electricity and electronics).
Ofek’s moto is to supply high quality products that passed the required Q.A. and to offer a full responsibility to the products it supplies, to carry out a fast and efficient service and to supply the best conditions to all our customers.
We aim for rapid efficient human response and do whatever it takes to fulfill the customer’s stock needs, on time.
The uniqueness of OFEK is bases on full comprehensive response to all the customers’ demands and needs.
From Characterization of the customers’ needs and fit the right machine, through the installation of the machine, guiding, support and maintenance on the customer’s site, all the way to supply all needs of wires, filters and accessories.